Market Research and Media Planning

Marketing Collateral

Vision and Mission of the Organization

Employee Perception About Organization

Marketing Budgets

Marketing Goals and Expectations

Role on Marketing and Advertising Investments

Brand Management

Role on Branding Investments and Goodwill Accounting

Optimal Risk Management

Creative Management

Television Commercials About Goods and Services

Shared Cost Advertising

Airline Magazine Advertising

Customer Loyalty Program Management

Property Sites and Magazine Advertising

Property Exhibitions

Factory and Corporate Employees Construction of Household Magazines

Neon Board Advertising

Construction Magazine Advertising

Engineers and Construction Association Sponsorship & Advertising

Factory and Corporate Employees Construction of Household Magazines

Co-Branding in Hotel and Lodge Construction Association Magazines

Advertising in Local Area, Regional & National Daily Newspapers and Magazines

Advertising In NRI Electronic Newspaper Editions

Setting up of a Corporate Website & Call Management of Sales & Enquiries

Developing of Mobile Catalogue



Financial Services And Banks

Consumer Durables

Software OEM's


Brand Metrics We Engage

Brand Promise

Brand Category

Brand Mileage

Brand Utility

Brand Visualization

Brand Portfolio

Brand Share

Brand Recall

Brand Aesthetics

Brand Activation

Brand Armour

Brand Image

Brand Attributes

Brand Loyalty

Brand Respect

Brand Logo

Brand Identity

Brand Pricing

Brand Usage

Brand Colour and Shade

Brand Ambassador

Brand ROI Metrics with Futuristic Dashboards to Interrupt Market Trends

Goodwill Capitalization in return to Capital Expenditure in Business Operation

Brand Equity

Brand Earnings per Product Goodwill

Brand Positioning

Brand Segmentation

Brand Switching

Brand Costing and Arbitrage Pricing

Brand Leverage within the Portfolio Brands

Brand Up-Sell

Brand Cross-Sell

Brand Quality

Brand Hypothesis